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Coming Soon! The Suite Life has its benefits! Actively engaged members are able to earn
SuitePoints to redeem for purchase of members’ goods and services, and discounts.
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As a suite member, there are opportunity to earn, win and purchase units of currency for our community called SuitePoints. SuitePoints are an awesome way to gain added benefits and services to enhance your membership experience as well as business endeavors. 

Although SuitePoints are not the exclusive currency used on our site, it will increase opportunities to get more out of the services we offer. 

SuitePoints may be earned, won or purchased.

Earn - SuitePoints are earned through engagement on our site through various action like signing up, updating your profile, inviting friends, reading blogs, etc. Each of these actions have a preset amount of SuitePoints assigned to them with limitations on how many times they can be earned and, for some, who can earn them. 

Win - Periodically, we will host contests where the prize or a part of the prize is the opportunity to win SuitePoints. With each contest, instructions and terms will be disclosed. 

Purchase - SuitePoints are also available for purchase to help supplement your defiencient bank of SuitePoints to purchase an item or service you wish to purchase and are not able to wait to accumulate them through the earning process. An added benefit of purchasing SuitePoints is the built-in discount as compared to using direct purchases. When you purchase SuitePoints, the larger the bundle of SuitePoints, the larger the discount your receive dollar for dollar.


So you have earned a gaggle of SuitePoints, now what do you do with them. Our SuiteRewards Program is at your service! 

SuiteRewards is our exchange where you are able to redeem your points for goods and services offered by us on our site as well as participating members who contribute to our directory of services featured in our line of SuiteEssentials. 

There will be other benefits offered in our SuiteRewards Program and are coming soon. For right now, keep earning your SuitePoints. You will be able to break that piggy bank soon. 


For our Elite Suite members, we offer an exclusive Concierge service to accommodate special requests. The details of this service is currently being finalized and will be available soon.

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