A suite of tools to host a suite event


Free and Easy Access

Creating and hosting events is a free feature for all members. Just open a profile suite membership via our quick and easy registration process and instantly have access to create your first event. Once you have signed up and logged in, click “Create an Event” from any conveniently located link on our site and fill in the form.

Create Beautiful Multi-faceted Event Pages

Event pages are customizable landing pages with a host of tools to help promote and track attendees. Want to have your event represent your theme and/or look? That's easy. Upload your own event graphic as the page cover or header; in the description area, add and format text, insert images/videos, and customize content to fit your needs. Also, create your own personalized page URL to appear like: http://suiteevents.com/yourevent.

Have a Committee? Create Group Events. First, create a Group page. Then from your group page, create your event. You can invite members to your group page where you can collaborate by hosting discussions, share announcements and files, as well as manage your event page. Privacy settings allow you to set your group to private.

Sell Tickets and Manage Attendees

Easily create the registration option you want for your guests. You have the option to create free and paid tickets as well as no tickets at allow. Registration with just RSVPs are available as well. If tickets are created, free or paid, an E-Ticket will be generated and sent to the recipient in an email and as a PDF attachment. Ticket Types also allows Event Owners to offer varying pricing, availability and descriptions. Attendee information can be captured as well to assist with accommodating guests such as meal choices, t-shirt size, golf handicap, etc.

Nice Dashboard with Graphs and Stats. A built-in Dashboard with graphs and stats are provided to display all sales and attendee lists with a Guest Check-in feature. Event owners can also get a CSV export of all event attendees from their Dashboard to print attendee lists.

Paper E-Tickets and Mobile App Check-in

Try our awesome iOS and Android App for Event Managers! Take full control of your events with our iOS and Android app. The SuiteEvents Event Manager's application lets Event Owners/Organizers manage their events easily by checking in attendees using our awesome Scan, Add and Search features. Guests can provide their E-Tickets via a printout or their mobile phone. Each E-Ticket comes with a QR code for scanning. Information is updated to your online account for post-event reporting. Plus features like viewing quick stats, multiple check-ins, etc., make it a must have for every Suite Event! Our App is available for free on the Apple and Android App Stores.

Flexible & Easy Payment Processing

Express Checkout and Data Capture. We make it super easy to for users buy tickets and checkout as fast as possible. Just enter the number of tickets to purchase, enter your contact info and checkout. Attendee data can also be collected during checkout. Payment can be made by Credit, Card, Check or PayPal. All fees are charged to the ticket buyer and E-Ticket(s) are email automatically once the sale is completed. Email notification can be sent to Events Owners as well.

We also offer Guest Checkout and Silent Registration. Guests can choose to Checkout as a guest without having to Login or Register or they can opt for registration as part of the checkout without having to fill up any extra forms. This flexibility is a great way to increase ticket sales.

Send Invites and Share on Social Media

Suite Promotion Tools are provided for each event. Once you create your event page, you able to promote it by sending out invites to your friends and colleagues and to share it on your social pages. This is also Native Sharing on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and lot of additional options with Add this. Visitors can now share content, making your event go viral, which we know is a priority for all event owners. Each Event Page also comes with its own Activity Stream to post updates, photos, videos and on-going comments from visitors.

Complementary Membership Amenities

Wait! There’s more. As a suite owner, members have free access to blogging & crowdfunding tools that can exponentially expand marketing objectives for your events or projects. Just sign into your profile suite and visit your My Blog or My Causes pages to get started. Both services are provided free with your basic membership and easy to set up. Create blogs to highlight components or participants of your event or project. Create a crowdfunding page to raise funds and awareness for your cause or investment venture.

Exclusive Marketing Tools for Elite Members

We are much more than an Event Registration site. Once a member, you gain a suite of online marketing tools to increase your profile to grow community awareness of your events and business ventures. Members have the option to upgrade their basic suite memberships to Elite Suites where exclusive amenities such as Advertising, Promotions, Articles, Press Releases, Featured Status, to name a few, are available. Click here to learn about upgrading your membership. Click here to check out are full list of amenities.

Tech Support & Concierge Services

Need assistance? Contact us today. We are glad to be of service. We offer a wide variety of options to help answer your questions, find a solution, get instructions on how features works, and general customer support requests by visiting one of the following concierge pages: Discussion Forum, Tutorials, FAQs, Submit a Request.

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